Bible Study-The Woodmark
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Bible Study-The Woodmark


At a point in Israel’s history, at the time when the law was given, God instructed Moses to build something known as the ‘tabernacle’. These brief studies will be added to a vast amount of written material on this subject that has kept keen Bible students amazed for centuries. I have entitled it ‘Jesus in the Tabernacle’ because basically every aspect of this incredible design points to Christ in one form of another. He is central. Hence why we should like and study it! This study will be a general introduction loosely based around the following questions:

  • Who was the originator of the tabernacle plan?
  •  What were the reasons for its construction and what did God desire to teach us?
  •  What materials was it constructed from and what do they symbolically represent?
  • What did the three areas of the tabernacle represent concerning Jesus, salvation and the different dispensations?

Simple questions I’m sure for a Bible scholar like yourself! But they do form the basis of a good place to start so let’s begin with the first passage in the Bible where the tabernacle is introduced. I hope to see you there!


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