Pastor John’s View

Pastor John’s View

Pastor John’s View for March 2020

I remember a conversation starter we did in our high school youth group.  It went something like this: You are about to be marooned on a remote island, but you have three minutes to gather three things to take with you. What three things will you take? Of course, there’s no right answer and sometimes the responses are pretty hilarious. There is a deeper question to…

Pastor John’s View January 2020

Tales from the Mountain, January 2020 It was December 31, 1999. For months, people were in a tizzy (there’s a word I don’t use often!) over the dreaded Y2K. Predictions said that the turning of the millennia would mean everything from, “Oh, it’s the end of the world, fer sher!”, to “Water systems, electric, and telecommunications would all come to a screeching halt.” I…