“O Lord, make this Lenten season different from the other ones. Let me find you again. Amen.” —Henri Nouwen

Being a Disciple


Psalm 139:1-6

By R. Charles Perry

Most people are familiar with examinations. They take various forms: physical, mental-even spiritual. Many churches offer worshipers an opportunity during the Holy Communion service to examine themselves inwardly and spiritually.

The psalmist reminds us of God’s examination of us: “Lord, you have examined me and you know me” (REB). The Lord knows where we go and what we say. The psalmist is aware of the omniscience of God, the infinite knowledge that God has of people and creation. The psalmist also has a keen awareness of God’s support of us and presence with us. “You keep close guard behind and before me and place your hand upon me” (REB).

It is spiritually meaningful for us to open our lives to examination by God. In a time of quietness let God speak to us and renew us inwardly. A time of silence in an atmosphere of worship is a good time for us to look at our lives in the light of God’s word, especially the Word made flesh in Jesus.

It is also spiritually meaningful for us to be aware of God’s presence with us in the Spirit of Christ day by day. Our busyness with so many things makes us less aware of God’s presence. Life is a flurry of activities; there is so much to do.

In the rush of life we need to remember that God knows us. “You know me at rest and in action” (REB). Nothing about us escapes God’s attention.


Lord, in the midst of the day’s activities, help me remember that you know all about me and still love me.

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