Back to School 2020

Back to School 2020

Back to School Supplies ARE Needed for EARLY August

Schools in some form or another will start in early August and we support the El Mirage School System.  Your Mission and Outreach Committee watched for bargains… so last year AFTER the kids went back to school and the “Backpacks” were on sale, we purchased nearly 70 of them to be filled.

IF you have already purchased a backpack, great, bring it along. Our goal is 100 nice backpacks for the kids this year and all that goes in them. SO, when you see school supplies ON SALE buy them for our kids that depend on Valley View Food Community Food Bank to supply them.

SchoolSuppliesThey will need: spiral notebooks, pencils and pencil holders, pens, writing paper – narrow and regular spaced, Crayola Crayons (teachers prefer this brand – they last longer), colored markers, rulers, pocket calculators, coloring books, erasers and folders to put reports in. 

The NEED for help is great this year as so many people have been out of work – please help as much as you can. Bring the supplies to the back of the church office and call in for someone to pick them up.  They will be safe if someone does not come right away or if you feel more comfortable contact Betty Stewart and we will make arrangements to get them from you. 

IF you do not want to go shopping and stay at home just put in an extra donation marked for school supplies and we will buy them for you.  IF you are going to do it that way, PLEASE do it as soon as possible for us to take advantage of all of the sales.  Thank you. Please Return your school supplies by AUGUST 3!  Thank you!!

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