“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Heifer Update for June 2024

Heifer Update “This is the day that the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” The “Wish List” Program is over, and what a wonderful program it was. But first, let’s review the results of April 2024. We started with a bank balance of $2.00, deposited $1330.00, donated $1330.00, leaving us […]

Heifer Update for May 2024

Heifer Update In Proverbs 19:17 we read, “He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord, and that which he hath given will he pay him again.” Here we are in the last month of our ”Wish List” Program. Next month will start a new adventure that will be introduced at next month’s […]

Heifer Update for April 2024

Men’s Breakfast Meeting Pastor Louie Lyon led us in “This Is the Day that the Lord Hath Made. Let us Rejoice and be Glad in it.” We have just concluded another exciting month. I can feel the excitement of those who are receiving our gifts, here and around the world. March 1st started us on […]

Heifer Update for January 2024

 Happy New Year! The “Water 4 All” Program has ended. Final results were very impressive. Total donations were 3 Irrigation Pumps, 2 Water Buffalo, 1 Gift of Fish, and 1 Gift of Clean Water. Then in December we added the Food Basket and gifts from the Christmas tree. That added 16 Food Baskets, 4 Flocks […]

Heifer Update for October 2023

To start this article, I need to say a big “THANK YOU” to all who (in any way) participated in the “FLOCK SALE #3”. I am so proud of what we have done for the poor and hungry of the world. With our donations and the matching done by Heifer International, we have given hope […]

Heifer Update for September 2023

The Flock Sale #3 is over. It was both exciting and rewarding. The number of flocks donated will be published in next month’s Lakeviewer. As of this writing there are two weeks remaining before the new campaign “WATER 4 ALL” will kick off. This part of the Heifer Program will feature: Fish, Water Buffalo, Irrigation […]

Heifer Update for August 2023

Heifer Update August 5th First, I want to share with you a recognition we received last week. It reads as follows: “Heifer International gratefully recognizes Lakeview United Methodist Church for   faithfully serving the Lord in words and actions and for sharing their gifts to end world hunger and poverty. This congregation has richly blessed families […]

Heifer Updates for July & August 2023

Heifer Update July & August 2023 Through the months of July and August we will still be in the “Flock Sale #3” segment of donations of the above four poverty and hunger eliminators. Hundreds of small farmers and their families will be given a new direction in life. Isn’t it exciting that we (LUMC) are […]

Heifer Update for June 2023

Is there anything cuter? How small, yet how big in their continuation to help a poor family out of the grip of hunger and poverty. Such was the case of Juana Maria Chavez and her husband, Carlos. They struggled to make a living. Then their third child was born with cerebral palsy. Caring for Samara […]

Heifer Update for May 2023

We had a great 30 days of donations through our “WWW” Campaign. Donations included 4 Alpaca, 4 Sheep and 5 Goats. Matching funds provided 2 more Alpaca and 2 Sheep. A month that will potentially enrich the lives of 153 small scale farmers and their families. The “WWW” Program was concluded on April 30th. A […]

Heifer Update for March 2023

2022 Heifer Annual Report Hi Lakeview United Methodist Church,Your generosity has assisted more than 895 thousand families get to a sustainable living income in 2022. You can read about your impact in the 2022 Annual Report by clicking the button. You will read inspiring stories from farmers around the world that you helped make possible.If […]

Heifer Update for December 2022

Heifer Update for December 2022 For the 30 days listed above, donations were 7 Gifts of Honeybees and 3 Gifts of Garden Seeds. Then the Missions and Outreach Committee came up with a great donation. With it we donated 11 Gifts of Garden Seeds and 11 Gifts of Honeybees. Also, 1 “Joy to the World” […]

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