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A Ton of Food Goes to Valley View

Valley View Food Bank

A Ton of Food Goes to Valley View Community Food Bank

At TNT, Thursday Night, August 19, 2021 Jesse Ramirez, the Founder and Director of Valley View Community Food Bank was the guest Speaker. A ton of donated canned goods was given to the food bank. It was so much that Jesse had to have his crew come back on Friday morning to retrieve it all. The cupboards are bare at the food bank and Jesse was most appreciative of our continued support and the food donations.

He talked about how 38% of all the clients at the Food Bank are from Sun City. The three thrift shops that the food bank runs cover all of the overhead of running the food bank. 100% of all the money donations are used to buy food. Volunteers mostly run the food bank. There are few paid employees. It is a grass roots organization and both the State of Arizona and Saint Mary’s Food Bank are interested in how well Valley View Community Food Bank is run and organized. Jesse was asked what the food bank needed besides food and money and he needs Volunteers. You can just go to the food bank and volunteer; it is located at Peoria Ave. and 105th Ave. You can choose the shift that suits you best to work.

With COVD-19 and few food drives to support the food bank, the cupboards are bare.foodbank Jesse was most appreciative of ALL of the donations our church has provided and continues to provide. He talked about the “Spirit of Community” in our church and how much we care about our neighbors that are in need. Our church has given a lot and our help is given generously whenever we are asked, he said. The boxes of food that are given to the recipients include fresh and canned veggies, canned and fresh meat, bread products, fresh and canned fruit, TP, and toiletries.

A senior citizen can go in with just an ID, and receive food and supplies that day and can go weekly to obtain food from the food bank. If need be, the food will be delivered to those without transportation. Jesse received an ovation upon the completion of his presentation.

The Mission and Outreach Committee would like to say Thank You to ALL who have given and continue to give food, money, and supplies to the Valley View Community Food Bank. It is much appreciated and is always needed.

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