May 1, 2022 – The Treasure Hunt


Gathering Music – Marty Merryman
Welcoming Guests and Announcements – Pastor Ross
Prelude – Be Thou My Vision ‐ Arr. Richard Elliott
Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your
grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. ~Nathaniel
Call to Worship – Pastor Linda
Opening Hymn – Come, Thou Almighty King – Hymnal #61
Prayer of Confession – Pastor Ross
Prayer Concerns – Pastor Ross
Prayer Song – The Fragrance of Christ ‐ David Haas
Silent Prayer, Pastoral Prayer, Lord’s Prayer
Anthem – All Hail the Power ‐ arr. Tom Fettke
Scripture Reading – Matthew 13:44‐46 (NLT) – Maribeth Knuth
Offering – Pastor Ross
Preparation Hymn – Be Thou My Vision – Hymnal #451
Message – The Treasure Hunt
Holy Communion – Break Thou the Bread of Life – Hymnal #599
Closing Hymn – Take My Life, and Let It Be Consecrated – Hymnal #399
Benediction – Choral Amen – Pastor Linda
Postlude – Toccata in G Major ‐ Pachelbel

Matthew 13:44-46 – New Living Translation

Parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl

44 “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.

45 “Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant on the lookout for choice pearls.

46 When he discovered a pearl of great value, he sold everything he owned and bought it!

Jesus’ parables about the Kingdom of God tell us that God’s Kingdom is to be prized and can improve human lives here and now. Our happiness and joy in our lives is within us; it is not found in external circumstances or others. Our happiness occurs when we yield control of our lives to God and put our full trust in God to guide us all our days.

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