2021 Easter Buckets

2021 Easter Buckets

EasterBaskets$10 Easter Buckets this year due to COVID-19

2020 and 2021 have been unusual years due to COVID-19 and we have been adapting in different ways to deal with the pandemic.

This year instead of asking everyone to fill a bucket we are asking for a Donation of $10 for an Easter Bucket. We are hoping to do 150 buckets for the children of the parents who obtain food supplements at Valley View Food Bank. We need to raise $1,500 to buy and fill the buckets for the children. Please notate on your donation that $10+ is for the Easter Bucket(s). Please be generous as this is for kids who need our help.

The children will receive an Easter Bucket filled with goodies and an Easter Book in English or Spanish telling the story of why we celebrate Easter in the language a young child can understand. We, on the Mission and Outreach Committee, believe that it is important to pass on our Christian beliefs in the Easter Buckets that we generously give.

The Mission and Outreach Committee will be putting together the 150 Buckets during the 3rd week of March. If you would like to help, please call the church office and give them your name to be put on the list of helpers with your phone number. We will need lots of help and we will call you with the date, time, and place. Thank you for your generosity and help.

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