From the Pastor’s Desk

FromThe Desk Pastor John

Well, it’s January 2021. What will this new year bring? Will we finally see relief from Covid 19 or will we have something new to deal with? Chances are, we’ll […]

O Come, O Come Emmanuel!


Register for Christmas Eve Worship Register for the Candlelight Service You’re invited! You are invited to join us for worship on Christmas Eve this year and you have choices! Though […]

Heifer Update for December 2020


Heifer Update 12-7 The “GPS” Program got off to a terrific start on December 1.  Day 1 of the program a Goat was donated.  When we think of goats, the […]

News from the Library


Here’s something I would guess not many of you know about our Library.  Each month we receive the Large Print version of The Reader’s Digest.  It is the same uplifting, […]

Tales from the Mountain – December 2020


Pastor John’s View It was still dark but I quietly slipped into Harry’s room and gently shook his shoulder. Is it time? Can we get up? My older brother grumpily […]

Heifer Update for November 2020


Monthly Heifer Update for November Five more Irrigation Pumps have been donated, thanks to your generous gifts. Five more families that won’t have to carry water daily for their gardens, […]

On the Shelf for December 2020


Hello dear friends from the Betty Barrick Library staff members. Many months have passed since the Library was open and I know you are ready to return the books you […]